Lying down, in a calm, comfortable space, find a quiet place to come to stillness. Close your eyes gently and take a few deep breaths, settle into your space. Settle into your body.


Settle in:

As you breathe, allow each breath to draw you deeper into the your connection with your body, allow every exhale to melt your body onto your mat and into the support of the ground below. Feel held by the earth. Start to feel the full weight of your body. Each exhale allows you to become heavier, to release tension and melt a little more into your mat. Feel the points of contact where they touch the ground or rest on a surface.Notice any sensations, perhaps a tingling, warmth, or coolness.


Lower body space:

Bring your awareness to your toes, and the space between your toes. Using your breath, start to melt the tension in your feet. Feel the soles of feet relax and tension in the heels dissipate. Take a moment to appreciate the support your feet offer you every day, grounding you, moving you and propelling you through life.


Move your breath up to your ankles. Observe any feelings or sensations in this area. There’s no need to change or judge what you what arises; we are only here to acknowledge sensation. Let your awareness rise up through your lower legs, noticing the muscles, bones, and skin. Feel your calves melt, creating more surface area on the ground. Feel the bones become heavy, the muscles releasing into the support of mat.


Continue to guide your breath upward to your knees. Notice any sensations or absence of sensations. Be present with whatever you find. Offer a sense of gratitude to your knees for their flexibility and resilience.


Shift your focus now to your thighs. Feel the muscles create more space. As your thighs release, feel the shift of sensation in your pelvis, your glutes and your lower back. Perhaps even the rest of your spine. Take a moment to notice the shift of feet and legs. Feel the heaviness, breathe deeper, sink deeper into the earth and let a little more tension subside.


In your own time, move your breath to your hips and pelvis. Notice how they connect your upper and lower body. Feel the bones of the pelvis become heavy, release any tension around your hips, as your breathe moves through the tissues and creates more space. Feel the bones become more free.



Bring your attention now to your lower back and abdomen. Observe the rise and fall of your belly with each breath. Take a deep belly breath  and feeel the subtle movements and the energy from your center. Allow any constrictions to dissolve, feeling a sense of ease spreading and flow through your core.



Upper body space:

Shift your focus to your chest and upper back. Notice the rhythmic movement of your breath, the expansion, and contraction of your ribcage. Sense the heart beating steadily within, a reminder of the vitality and energy that resides here.


Guide your breath to your shoulders. With each breath, guide your shoulders to relax and soften. Let this sensation of relaxation flow down your arms, past your elbows, to your forearms, wrists, and finally your hands and fingers. Feel the life and energy within your hands, appreciating their ability to touch, hold, and create.


Bring your attention to your neck and throat. Notice any sensations, perhaps a sense of tension or openness. Allow your awareness to soften this area, feeling a sense of ease and freedom.


Finally, bring your focus to your face and head. Notice the muscles around your eyes, your cheeks, your jaw and your tongue. Allow any expressions to melt away. Feel the sensation of your scalp and the gentle play of air on your skin. Soften between the eyes breathe more space into the base of your skull. Gently smile to your self internally and notice how your energy around your neck and shoulders shift.


Take it in:

Take a moment now to sense your entire body as a whole, from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. Feel the harmony and interconnectedness of your being. The openness and readiness. Rest in this awareness, of feeling what it is like to be a space with more ease in the body, more space, more breath, more flow.


For a few moments more breath deeply and slowly beginning to reawaken your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, yawn and draw more space into the body. If and when you are ready, gently flicker the eyes open.


Grace and Gratitude, for you and your body and taking the time today to connect to yourself, your body and the earth. Checking in with your body so that you can move through the day from a centered place and expanded place.