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come home to your body

we are beyond excited to introduce our debut collection of movement and restorative tools curated to nurture your body and mind

The Collections


Consciously taking care of ourselves when we're feeling fatigued or achey is deeply humbling for our bodies, minds and spirits. Click below to explore our reset inspired tools.


Movement is the foundation of health. Through dynamic movement, toning and lengthening practices we create healthy, aligned and balanced bodies. Our movement collection is coming soon.


We believe in the importance of keeping our tissues moving. Our flow collection supports practices that enhance our blood flow, lymphatic drainage and keep our fascia hydrated, flexible and healthy.



An online collection of our favorite ways to move, restore, create balance and find our flow. Together, we share our inspirations and knowledge to support our transformations. Our journal goal is to build a resource of practices that supports our community in doing simple things that nurture our bodies and minds.

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