• Traditionally, cupping is used as technique for muscle healing, relaxation and pain relief.
  • By opening the pathways of flow deep in the tissues, you support your body's innate healing processes.
  • The stimulation of blood flow throughout your face and body promotes rejuvenation and the health of your skin.
  • Improving lymphatic drainage can de-puff, detoxify and re-define your tissues.
  • Softening fascia in the muscles reduces adhesions to improve function, tone and elasticity.
  • Releasing stagnant tissues in the body assists us in supporting our energetic and emotional flow.
  • A kind self-care routine allows you to reduce tension and improve relaxation overall.
How to acitvate your cups
  • Apply your favorite massage oil: this ensures smooth gliding and enhances the suction effect.
  • Squeeze and Place: Gently squeeze the bulb of the cup and place it onto the skin.
  • Release: To remove the cups, simply press on the edge of the cup to release the suction.


  • Traditional Cupping: place cups on your chosen trigger points or acupressure points and leave the cups on for 5-15 minutes. Monitoring the effects and adjusting accordingly.
  • Pump Cupping: lightly suction for 1-3 seconds and releases, as you move along the muscle.
  • Glide Cupping: create suction on one side of an area. While maintaining pressure, glide the cup along to the opposite side of the area. Release and repeat 2 or 3 times.


  • Work around areas of inflammation, acne, sensitivities, broken capillaries and botox or fillers.
  •  You can customize the intensity of the cupping experience according to your preferences and needs.
  • The closer to the base of the cup you squeeze, the stronger the suction will be. Tune in to the pressure that feels more nurturing for your body and skin.
  • Start in moderation so that you can explore how cupping feels on your body, and can adjust your practice to avoid intense bruising.
  • This may be especially important for your face ritual where you may experience some redness but may not want any deeper markings.

Our Practice

As a personal routine: cupping can be introduced almost daily for 5-10 minutes. We suggest to alternate between your face & body to allow areas to rest between treatments.

Morning cupping: can invigorate your face and create healthy flowing muscles for the day.

Evening cupping: can flush toxins from the day and promote regeneration while you sleep.

Begin: stimulate your lymph nodes with gentle massage with your finger tips, around your ears, collar bones, under the arm and groin area.

Face cupping: in general, move from the middle of your face outwards along the jaw and check bones. Move up the forward and then out to your hairline.

Body Cupping: in general, start at your extremities and move up the limbs and towards the heart.

Our skin is also deeply affected by our foods, movement, sun exposure, stress levels, sleep, hydration and micro-toxins in our environment and we believe cupping is a beautiful support to all these other aspects of our modern lifestyle.