Find a comfortable position, preferably lying down in a quiet, warm, dimly lit space.

Feel the support of the ground as you release the tension in your spine, sinking deeper into the earth.

Close your eyes gently and take a moment to acknowledge how your body feels in this moment.



Notice your breath. Follow the natural rhythm of your breathing.

Notice the sensation of the air as it enters your nostrils, travels down into your lungs, belly and then gently, in its own time, leaves your body.

Does it feel easy, strained, tight, nourishing?

Allow yourself to be fully present with each breath, without judgement or a need to change anything about this natural state of rest.



Peel off the layers :

As you settle into this rhythm, notice the sensations in your body. With each breath, allow your body to relax more deeply. Feel the muscles in your face soften, your shoulders drop, and your whole body sink into a state of calm.


Continue to slow down your breath, allowing the breath to be your center of the focus. Each breathe clears the mind, relaxes the body, letting go of thoughts and energetic contractions that are no longer needed. Each breath moving you closer to clarity ,calm and ease within in the body and mind.


If your mind wanders, gently guide your thoughts back to the sensation of breathing. Maybe the breath is like a warm, soothing ocean, washing over your body, surrounding your body with support.


4-4-6 breathing

Inhale deeply through your nose to a count of four, allowing your belly to rise. Hold the breath gently for a count of four,.

exhale slowly and completely through your nose to a count of six.. Continue this pattern, breathing in deeply and evenly, pause, and then exhaling slowly and fully for as long as your time allows.



Simply be:

Simply be in this place of conscious rest. Noting to do, nowhere else to be, and nothing to worry about. Feel the rhythm of your breath, the stillness of your mind, and the relaxation in your body. Know that this place of beautiful calm is always within you, accessible whenever you need it, as you move through the day.



Take a few deeper, more conscious breaths. Squeezing the eyes, wiggle your fingers and toes, gently reawakening your body. When you are ready, open your eyes, solidifying in you, a sense of calm and centeredness


Take a moment of gratitude for your body and for taking the time to find stillness in a constantly moving world.