Choose a comfortable, and quiet area, in your home where you can sit or lay down with ease. Consider putting a towel down when you are working with your oils.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Massage your body oil into the skin.

Take a moment acknowledge the subtle shifts in the body.

Remember to hydrate. Especially for the days following this practice.

Repeat 1-3 times a week, be consistent for results.


1.Prepare nodes: massage your groin area, arm pits and collar bones with your hands. 2.Glide in a circular motion: The general motion follows the digestive flow, up the right and down the left of your belly , in a clockwise direction. Activate your cup on the bottom right of your belly, above your right hip bone. Re-activate the cup whenever necessary and continue. The stronger the suction, the deeper the work. Start gently, as to not release too many toxins in the system. Repeat for 3-5 minutes.

3. Palpate around your belly button: use pump cupping in a circle around your belly button to stimulate digestive trigger points.

4.Carve your waste line: glide your cup from the sides of you body inwards towards your midi-line.

5. Repeat step 1