Choose a comfortable, and quiet area, in your home where you can sit.

Consider putting a towel down when you are working with your oils.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Massage your body oil into the skin.

Take a moment acknowledge the subtle shifts in the body.

Do your legs feel smoother potentially tighter?

Remember to hydrate.

Repeat 1-3 times a week, be consistent for results.


1.Prepare nodes: use your fingers to massage behind your knees, and your groin area to stimulate your lymph nodes.

2.Glide from your knee to your hip: activate your cup and drag the suction from your knee to hop making your way around the entire circumference on the leg.

Repeat 3 -5 times.

3.Free Cupping: try circular motions or horizontal cupping on areas that have denser tissues.

4.Mini holds on tighter tissues: you may choose to hold and wiggle your cup over areas that feel particularly tight or blocked, or need stimulation.

5. End with nodes: repeat step 1.


  • We recommend performing this practice in the shower, or before/after an epsom salt bath so the tissues are warm and malleable.