Choose a comfortable, and quiet area, in your home where you can sit or lay down with ease. Consider putting a towel down when you are working with your oils.

Cleanse the skin thoroughly.

Massage your face or body oil into the skin before you begin.

Does your  face feel more ‘plump’, open or lifted?

Take a moment acknowledge the subtle shifts in the body.

Remember to hydrate.

Repeat 1-3 times a week, be consistent for results, and repeat on both sides.

*Remember to check in with areas to avoid.


1.Nodes: Use your fingers for light gentle stimulation as you massage oil throughout your neck and shoulder area. Start by gentle stimulation of the lymph nodes around your jaw and ears, and around the center of your collar bones and a light touch around the armpit area.


One side at a time: use the gliding method to sweep along the skin, gently pulling on the skin.


2.Sweep your Neck: glide your tool from the outside of your collarbone along the side of your neck towards your ear. Continue sweeping up the neck on the back and front side of the body. Avoid the area in the center of your throat line or move in a more energetic way. You may wish to anchor your skin at the beginning of your gliding strokes.


3.Sweep your jawline: glide your tool just under your jawline form the middle of your chin out your earlobe. Gently use plump cupping and wiggle your cup at the end of this movement to stimulate the lymph nodes.


4.Sweep your chin: guide your cup from the middle of your face out to your ear lobe.


5.Sweep our cheeks: start from the base of the nose and glide your cup towards your hairline tracking your cheek bone.


6.Sweep your cheekbone: start at the nose and glide your tool towards your temple and follow on toward your hairline. 


7.Sweep around your eyes: very gently, glide your cup from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, below your eye.


8.Sweep up your forehead: divide your forehead in to 5 sections and do each section at a time. Start at the brow bone and glide your cupl up towards to the hairline.


9.Sweep your forehead wide: glide your cup from the middle of the forehead out toward the hairline on the side of your face.


11.Nodes: Repeat 1