Choose a comfortable, and quiet area, in your home where you can sit or lay down with ease. Consider putting a towel down when you are working with your oils.

Cleanse the skin thoroughly.

Massage your face or body oil into the skin before you begin.

Take a moment acknowledge the subtle shifts in the body.

Do you feel more energized?

Remember to hydrate.

Repeat 1-3 times a week, be consistent for results.

*Remember to check in with areas to avoid and repeat on both sides.


Always cup from your extremities, toward the center of the body, and up towards the heart.


1.Prepare nodes: massage your groin area, arm pits and collar bones with your hands.


Lower leg: glide your cup from the ankle to the knee, all the way around the circumference of your lower leg.


Upper leg : glide your cup from the knee to the hip, all the way around the circumference of your upper leg.


Lower Arm: cup from your wrist to your elbow.


Upper Arm: cup from elbow to your shoulder.


Belly: cup up the right and down the left side of you belly.


Neck and Shoulder.s : cup from your shoulders, along the side of you neck and up towards your ear .


Explore: other areas of you shoulders and back.


End with nodes: repeat step 1.